Download GTA Mzansi APK (OBB Files, Password) v4.0.6.24 For Android

Grand Theft Auto is a well-known video game series introduced by Rockstar Games, and this series is based on role-playing games in an open world. It is not only limited to one or more additions. Thousands of versions are available, and they are top-selling games. GTA Mzansi Apk is one of the latest addition as a fan-made version for GTA 5. Millions of people worldwide find this game, and others are crazy to play this new mod because it doesn’t require any password to access it.

GTA Mzansi Download

It is the best version full of action, adventure, and fun. This game is ready to give you a wonderful experience in an open world where you can do anything, just like the real world. You have to complete the levels that are full of challenges. You can also visit the various new locations in this game. Moreover, in the latest version, there are a lot of new features waiting for you, so stick to us and read more information about this superb game. We will briefly discuss an overview of this game, how to play it, and frequently asked queries in this article.

GTA Mzansi Download APK + OBB Files

What makes this game better than others is its enhanced gameplay that allows you to take steps in whatever you want. The story of this game is similar to GTA Brasil but it involves an African boy, Carl Johnson, whose mother was killed in a robbery case. Now he wants to take revenge on his mother. Thus, the game takes you to Francis Airport and will let you do different missions. 

This fan-made edition of Grand Theft Auto contains some modifications that make it exciting and different from other GTA games. You will see upgraded graphics, sound systems, vehicles, missions, and unlocked locations. Initially, you will appear at Francis Airport at Liberty City in South Africa after the game loads. The game shows a beautiful theme and showcases African culture.  

GTA Mzansi Apk

Like other GTA games, you will see a round map on the screen to help you cover the city. It will also tell you where is your mission destination and where to go. You will get so many customization options in this game. For example, you can choose the skin color of your character. You can change the weather to cloudy. There is an apparel option in this mod. Moreover, you can adjust the graphics also. 

By going through the settings of this game, you can save the progress whenever you want to leave, and the game will start from where you left off. Besides, the most significant advantage over others is that it requires low space in memory. 

What is the Password of the GTA Mzansi ?

Most fan-made games require a password to be accessed by players; however, this is not the case with GTA Mzansi Apk. Like GTA Motovlog APK, this mod of GTA 5 doesn’t need a password. All you have to do is to download this game from the given link and then complete the installation steps. It is an excellent facility for the players because they do not have to bind themselves to find passwords. Moreover, its download process is also super easy to perform, just like others.

If it still requires a password then one of these two will works try (Parisinmzansi) or (LGSA).

GTA Mzansi Download Apk

Features of GTA Mzansi APK

The following features make it more memorable than the GTA 5 itself.

Enhanced Gameplay

The smooth and enhanced interface of this game provides a great experience to users because the respected developers fix all bugs. Many new cars are added to this game so that you can drive your favorite one. In the previous versions, a little bug occurred whenever you went inside the houses and shops, and the interior didn’t seem well, but now it is fixed completely, and the game continues as usual.

Multiplayer Mode

One more feature you will like in this game is the multiplayer mode which allows you to invite your friends to this GTA journey. Just send them the invite link and join your friends in your missions. They will help you side by side in accomplishing every challenging task.

Upgraded Vehicles and weapons

All the vehicles are new and upgraded in this version. You can steal every car you like because there is a vast collection of cars, bikes, ships, and helicopters. Whether there is a normal or a heavy bike, all are pre-unlocked for you. You can use various weapons, including guns and riffles, etc. Steal weapons or buy them free of cost. It’s up to you.

GTA Mzansi Download

New Map

GTA Mzansi OBB files for Android allow you to play on the new map, which is super interesting. New roads, journeys, and some new strategies will make your game exciting and double the fun of the open world. Moreover, visit other cities as they are pre-unlocked, so you can easily travel via helicopter, car, ship, etc.


GTA Mzansi has better graphics than the previous fan-made mods. You will see no lag in this game and zero bugs, plus the graphics quality is superb. Whether it’s a driving scene or a shooting scene, video captures every thick and thin of the spot, and that looks fantastic.

100% safe to play

This game is safe to play, and there are no security issues associated with this game, so do not worry about using this game. Being a fan-made game, it is not official. That’s why it is not available at the Play Store. But it is already tested, and people who have already played it never complain about any security issues associated with this game. 

Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers

Following are the frequently asked queries about this game.

Is GTA Mzansi APK & OBB Files safe For Smartphone?

The game is 100% safe to play. There are no security issues related to this game.

Can I Download the game on Android?

Yes, you can download this game on your Androids but remember it is compatible only with Android 7 and higher devices.


So, in the end, we suggest you play this role-playing journey of an African at least once. All the activities and events included in this game are full of excitement. Being a third-party app, you will think about its quality and compatibility issues, but there are no issues related to this series. It is compatible with Android 7.0 and requires shallow space on your Android. Download GTA Mzansi OBB files on your smartphone to start ultimate fun in the streets of South Africa and if it requires a password then type the password (Parisinmzansi)

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