Ohio Stars APK v47.277 (Latest Version) Download For Android

Ohio Stars APK is the famous action and thriller multiplayer fighting game renowned for its real-time battle. In this game, there are two teams, each with three players, and you have to fight against each other to win the battle. The winning team will be rewarded with the stars that let you advance further. 

Regardless, it has uncomplicated and comfortable gameplay in which you’ve to decide on your character and compile a team first before starting the warfare. Then start the battle, which has unlimited and unlocked features, and have fun. You can also invite your friends to have a team match. 

What is Ohio Stars Apk?

You all must know about the famous game Brawl Stars; that game’s modded version is Ohio Stars MOD Apk. In this game, the fight begins with two teams of three players each just like Clash Mini Mod APK.  The game has a mode in which each team has to collect stars while fighting until the time of the game runs out, and the team with more stars will win the competition.

Ohio Stars Mod APK

It also has many other modes available for the users to access easily. It has stunning graphics and designs with pleasant sound effects and a huge variety of characters and modes. And many opportunities to spend your leisure time without trouble. 

Key Features of Ohio Stars APK:

Real-time battles 

 You can do real-time fighting to demonstrate your skills and capabilities. These fights aren’t tricky at all. You can easily get a grasp of it and start doing deathmatches. 

Play in modes 

Ohio Stars Mod APK has various modes, and you can play in any of them which suits your style and preference. 

Discover Unique Abilities 

The more you level up in the game, the more special abilities of your characters will be discovered, and that success will be helpful to explore more and more. 

Ohio Stars

Club leagues 

It has a club lead in which a total of 30 players are available with weekly new seasons and various rewards.

More items and powers 

Its updated version has various items that get unlocked at new power levels. It is an incredible chance for the players to accumulate all those items and powers to level up and set a new record. 


It’s compatible with all Android devices. It is simple and free to use, and you can easily obtain it from our website.  

HD graphics and soundtracks 

It has stunning audio and visual effects that make you go in-depth into the game. These are charming and helpful to have an attentive battle. 

What’s new? 

Free of charge

The best part about this game is that it is completely free. You will not be charged anything for playing or downloading.

Simple to use

This app should be easy to use for first-time users. Because it was developed in a sample format, anyone can use it. It also has Improved speed and experience.

Use with certainty

Many users are concerned about their data security after installing any program. This game is free of all kinds of worries as it is safe and secure. 

No ads

Its modded version has been upgraded to discard all the hurdles that users may face. It’s completely ad-free, so that you can play it without disruptions. 

User-friendly interface.

It has a user-friendly interface in which the user gets a stress-free environment, plays with all the excitement, and enjoys it. 

Ohio Stars APK Download

Unlocked and unlimited coins and rewards 

It has infinite levels and offers unlimited coins and special abilities when you progress. It offers rewards and many benefits as well. 

Pros and cons 


  • 3×3 battles that are both exciting and interesting
  • Graphics in vibrant colours.
  • Various game mods.
  • Invite your buddies to play with you.
  • Friendly UI
  • Simple and easy gameplay. 


  • Disclosure to violence 
  • In-app purchases may be required 
  • Addictive gameplay 
  • Time-consuming 

Final Words: 

Ohio Stars Apk is an action and thrilling game similar to Moon Pioneer Mod APK that offers amazing, noisy, and fighting battles with charming graphics backgrounds and soundtracks.  You can do deathmatches with your friends and family in a team. Collect many rewards and items with special abilities and win trophies. I bet you won’t be disappointed, so try out this stunning game and download it from our website. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What role does experience play in Ohio Stars APK?

Ohio Stars APK experience allows you to level up and gain new special powers for your playable characters. Playing matches gives you experience, even if you lose.

Is it safe and secure to use? 

Yes! This app is completely safe and secure to use. You don’t need to worry about your privacy concerns. 

Where can I download this game?

You can easily download Ohio Stars APK from our website. 

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